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Hot, Mild, Mild Plus  $6.00/lb.

Sausage Patties  $7.00/lb.

Bratwurst  $7.00/lb.

Kielbasa   $7.00/lb.

Andouille  $7.00/lb.

Hot Italian Links, Mild Italian Links $7.00/lb.

Ham Steak  $8.00/lb.

Swan Creek, Poplar Springs, Roaring River,

Grandpa's Sage, Vernon's Hot, Moonpie,

Polish Poper, Smoked  $8.00/lb.

Bone-in Pork Chops  $8.00/lb.

Specialty Pork Chops $9.00/lb.

Boneless Pork Chops/Tenderloin  $9.00/lb.

Boston Butts/Pork Shoulders  $7.00/lb.

Pork Ribs  $5.00/lb.

Pork Belly (smoking cut)  $8.00/lb.

Uncured Bacon $8.00/lb.

Butcher Hogs are available with advanced notice and deposit.  If you are interested in a half or whole hog, please contact us 90 days in advance of your order to ensure availability.